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Jake’s is a complete easy to use grow system

At Jake’s…we sell fertilizer. Lots of it!

We sell fertilizer by having an amazingly simple product line & all the FREE information and education you need to grow a killer crop of cannabis! You can certainly grow other plants with our fertilizers….we at Jake’s do not discriminate against any plant in the plant kingdom :)!!!

The world of cannabis…weed…ganja…marijuana….or whatever you like to call it is wrought with all sorts of distractions and misinformation. The “manufactured” controversy that often fogs one’s vision about this natural plant is far too complex to bother trying to sort out.

We are tired of the unfounded negativity towards this natural plant & choose to celebrate its many & diverse benefits to our world.

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Jakes does not condone illegal activity. Check local restrictions in your area before growing and obtain any necessary permits.

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